Chaturbate Authenticator

(Last Updated On: June 23, 2018)

What is Chaturbate Authenticator

This is a new feature in Chaturbate in order to prevent your account from the bad guys.

With that protection, anyone trying to break (with brute force method or other sneaky stuff that we discussed before here ) into your account would need all of your original credentials (means : username and password)  and your psychical device that your authentication codes are sent to in order to gain access.

Your Chaturbate authenticator device can be different for example an apple iOS device, android  or windows smartphone, but you can get normal sms text message, and an automatic phone call as well.

Asking the 6 digit password – with Chaturbate authenticator

I know, it takes extra work and time to log in to your accounts with this, but keep in mind, the crooks are never sleep. It can be very useful to protect your account and your Chaturbate identity. I warmly suggest to everyone to turn it on , in order to keep your Chaturbate tokens SAFE! (Read it too : how to calculate chaturbate token price)

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It takes maximum 5 minutes to set up , and it’s totally anonim. So you do not have to fear from that you get a text message from Chaturbate directly or something to like this.

The sms code only contains the 2-step token (Authenticator provides a six- to eight-digit one-time password) , the automated phone calls do not have any caller ID, and are not listed in public directories.

I don’t like the SMS and the phone call during my night sessions (if you know what I mean), so I always use Google’s Authenticator app which works my Google account as well. (So under one app, I can manage both of my accounts’ two step verification codes) This App is available for android and IOS, and always free.

It is looks like this:

Chaturbate Authenticator
Chaturbate Authenticator – With Google Authenticator

Be aware : If you lost your phone, or delete or reinstall google Google authenticator for Chaturbate app, you will not able to log in to your account. Therefore I suggest, to add at least two different way in order to be able to verificate yourself. For example choose the app on your phone, and save some verificitaion codes too.


I think the Chaturbate Authenticator is a big step in order to prevent the customer’s accounts.
You have to switch it on only once in one device (pc,tablet,phone) , and your browser will remember it as an authenticated device.
So switch it ON as soon as possible.

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6 thoughts on “Chaturbate Authenticator”

  1. I have enabled Google Authentication for my account on
    I by mistake deleted the app and now every time I login for chaturbate, I am asked to entered the 6 digit codes and I don’t from where to get them.

    Also I have deleted mails that gave me backup codes and the confirmation for this Google Authentication for the account. Can you please help in this.


    1. Dear arjun112

      If you deleted the app you cannot do anything. I had the same problem when I bought a new phone and had to move the G-auth app to the new one. (In this case I had to do the auth process again on Chaturbate with the new app. Fortunately I had my saved backup codes.
      I would suggest you that to ask Chaturbate support from your registered email, to help you unlock your account.

      1. OMG. This happened to me and it has been a nightmare. Their support team is the worst. So frustrated at this point. Have not been able to login and broadcast now for over a week. BAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!

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