Chaturbate Token Currency Hack 2019

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2019)

Chaturbate Token Currency Hack | The NOT Working Online Generator

You have never seen my website, but you are desperately searching for a Chaturbate currency hack online tool? Do not want to pay for Chaturbate tokens, but tired of trying different shady online generators that do not work?
You are in the right place!

At the end you will not get any free Chturbate.con tokens, but a very priceless lesson that you MUST know.

Currency Hack offers

There are a plenty websites that offers free Chaturbate tokens, but keep in your mind , these website owners just want some bucks for themselves or some other sneaky things (check all the related things that they could do) .
Therefore they are trying everything to win your confidence.

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Lets check one example step by step. – Feature list

This one is a typical list about the online Chaturbate currency hack software, to get your trust.

  • “Online based” and you do not have to install anything. – Yeah sounds good, at least their tool will not infect your computer, or mobile.
  • “Adds up to 5000 tokens” – Tested in different devices, it will not add any tokens.
  • Can be run multiple times – There is a funny recommendation here, but if it really could work, who could stop anybody to use it 1000 times a day? Bruh. What if I am a model of the site, and want to make free money for myself?
  • Anonymous – it hides your IP? Or the website owner collects your IP? Who knows…
  • Ban protection? – It claims that Your account wont be blocked, if you use this currency hack tool. My question is then why they recommend to use it only 3 times a day? 😀
  • Always updated – Alright, since it is just a script on their website, but ok.
  • Works on any browser – It is true, I have tested on different things. (But still does nothing with the tokens)

Alright if it is not enough to convince you about this scam, read further on this website.

The next paragraph about the online generator tool.

How does Chaturbate token currency hack work?

  • “It simulates the process that a person would take to purchase tokens” – It is interesting since all these things are account based, so you (or the script) have to be logged in to your account in order to make a purchase. This tool does not ask for your password. (Thanks god, at least they are not collecting those as well)
  • “First step involves finding your username in the Chaturbate database” – Lies, lies, lies. But you can try it out too, if you do not believe me. Try any random characters with the tool (even special characters – it allows it which is a joke), it will keep running anyway. So it wont search anything on the database. It would be a huge security hole in Chaturbate system. Chaturbate is a huge company they must not afford themselves such security gaps.

Final things about Chaturbate token currency hack

If you tried this website you will end here, which is the main goal of the site owner. The allegedly Anti-Spam Protection!

Which is nothing else but paying offers of a marketing company. As you see in the list, It is offered my to download some mobile apps (I used an European DE VPN) in order to verify myself. After some click it is clear, that they want my phone number, and subscribe to some paying SMS services.

Chaturbate token currency hack – the main goal of the site owner

So bad news for the free Chaturbate currency lurkers, since there is no such thing as free Chaturbate token currency hack. If you want to enjoy their services, you have to spend some money on the site (check the Chaturbate token value here), or you can watch the models for free as well.
If you like the model please support her, and protect yourself such scams as or other similar websites.

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  1. Wtf. That’s borderline evil. Why it is not illegal under federal law????
    Why Chaturbate let this websites operating?

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