Chaturbate token to dollar – How to

(Last Updated On: October 6, 2019)

Chaturbate token to dollar and vica versa

First of all, what is Chaturbate token?

Token is the official currency on Chaturbate, you can tip the sexy broadcasters/models with it. It has real money value of course (thats why we want to calculate chaturbate token to dollar), and the models get revenue based on this.

chaturbate tokens dollars
chaturbate token to dollar

As an user if you tip more, you will get more fun fore exchange, all of this depend on the model’s willingness . Usually the fun stuffs are declared on the model’s menu that you can check on the chat tab directly.

You can get very very different shows and other stuff from the model for your Chaturbate tokens (for example videos, kik or snapchat addresses, Skype ID, or you can purchase irl products like used panties and more) .

For example model “kaci_kash”‘s menu today:

50 token for = GG and BGG video put email in tip note
75 token for =snap chat for life
500 token for =my cell # or whatsapp
2000 token for =premium phone number
100 token for =c2c
200 token for =PM

How can I get Chaturbate tokens?

You can buy different token packs on Chaturbate directly with different payment methods, or you can be a model on the site and you can earn tokens as well. (You can use these tokens as you wish, or you can cash out too)

Please remember there is no other way to get free Chaturbate tokens, read our article here about the scammers.

Cheaper Chaturbate Tokens?

Sometimes on some dark forums you can find hacked Chaturbate accounts to sell whit credits on them. My two cents:

  • These offers sometimes are valid but usually the seller is a scammer.
  • Crooks  sometimes can steal Chaturbate accounts, if the user’s password is weak, or the user’s password leaked from somewhere else, and the two factor auth is not enabled on the account.
  • Never buy Chaturbate accounts from anybody, since it is illegal, and you can find yourself in a trouble easily.
  • Try to report these cracked account offers to Chaturbate directly

Refer a friend to get free tokens

You can refer your buddy to use the site, in this way you can earn 10 tokens  easily with his registration. (if he is new in the system)

If you refer a new broadcaster you may earn 500 tokens if the model reached his/her first 20USD earnings.

Be a model to earn free tokens

How to make money on Chaturbate? It is not that easy,and not for everybody, but if you talented and confident, you have to give a chance for that. You can make money on Chaturbate as a model – read article here.

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How much chaturbate token worth?

If you decided to purchase some tokens, you can choose the following packets so Chaturbate token currency will be the following:

10.99 USD for 100 tokens  – It means 100 token = 10.99 US dollar
20.99 USD for 200 tokens – It means 100 token = 10.495 US dollar
44.99 USD for 500 tokens – It means 100 token = 8.998 US dollar
62.99 USD for 700 tokens – It means 100 token = 8.3986 US dollar
79.99 USD for 1000 tokens – It means 100 token = 7.999 US dollar

So bigger packet cheaper token price, yaaaaaay!

Chaturbate token currency 2018
Chaturbate token currency 2018 – And Chaturbate discount price

visit chaturbate button

What if I am a model on the site?

If you want to be a model feel free to register here (it’s easy AF),or read our FULL guide how to be a Chaturbate model but in this case the Chaturbate token to dollar rate is bit different.

If you get 1 token from a visitor or member it means 5 cent for you. (0.05 dollar)
For example :

10 tokens = 0.5 dollar for you
20 tokens = 1 dollar for you
50 tokens = 2.5 dollar for you
100 tokens = 5 dollar for you
500 tokens = 25 dollar for you

And so on.

Chaturbate token currency hack – and other tricks

If you run some searches on the web, you will find a dozen of videos like this which are suggesting that you can hack Chaturbate and get tokens for free:

Chaturbate token trick on youtube
Chaturbate token trick on youtube

Or like this video on youtube. (there are dozens of similar media content, and not just on Youtube but other big websites)


As had now become obvious, there are no magically working tricky solutions to top up your Chaturbate account for free.
If it is still a new info for you, read our main page about these tricks. There is no free lunch here.

Chaturbate token currency – Summary

Calculate Chaturbate token to dollar is very easy, Chaturbate token Value is a bit different depend if you are a broadcaster or a member of the site.

If you are a member 100 tokens worth 10.99 to 7.99 USD depend on your purchased packet (and your country).
And if you are a model , 100 token means 5 USD for you !!

>>> Click here and enjoy Chaturbate <<<

If you are still wondering if you may get free chaturbate token somehow with some shady online services, read some article about the scammers. A scammer website investigation from 2016, it is a really funny one, and one from 2018 where we show you how the crooks are trying to infect your computer with a basic trick. See our new article about Chaturbate token currency hack here.



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  3. This one is more accurate that I found uneder the chaturbate token currency hack reddit topic.

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  7. Why do use a comma instead of a decimal point to illustrate your currency comparison token to USD? For goodness sake if you’re going to publish articles you need to use correct grammar.

    1. Hello Roberto!
      Good question, thank you for the remark. Commas have been changed, except on the picture…

  8. This is helpful. Thank you so much!

    To the other commenters, I refer you to watch Disney’s Bambie to relearn about if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all

    And there is a difference between constructive criticism and being downright rude.

  9. Thanks for the calculation, it helped a lot.
    Since I am not a millionaire, after some purchase I have started my own cam business in order to earn tokens and cash. So I switched to model mode, and 2 months passed since then. Tbh as a man in the site, it is not a huge business, but now I can earn 5-10 USD per sessions. In my country it is not that bad.


  10. Hey man,
    Thank you for this article, very useful stuff.

    Better would be an online token converter to calculate USD , EUR etc. So I could put any amount on it, and it would calculate the equal Chaturbate token
    I can help to build you one, hit me up :


  11. Hola
    Alejandro from Spain here.

    I’ve found your blog from reddit, some guy recommended me this article few weeks ago, when I asked how to calculate chaturbate token to real money, and if chatubate hacks are real.

    First of all, thank you for your time, to collect all of these very useful thoughts and data. I have learnt a lot here, let say you saved my poor life.
    I read through your other articles about the different scams, and cheats, and weird offers, and WOAAAW.
    I needless to say, I tried a lot of dark area things that you mentioned , and none of them worked of course. I was really hot headed and stupid, I believed for the youtube videos, and the comments as well. After I read your posts I realised how stupid I was. Long story short, I have found my passwords on an open hacking forum, but not just my chaturbate password, but my other as well. Facebook, google, youtube you name it, all of them!!!!!! It was crazy!
    Probably one of the hacker tool managed to steal them. I don’t know which one since I tried several generators, like bonga, f4f, chatubare, jasmin, even fortnite hacks. I tried almost everything.
    At the end I reinstalled my PC, changed all of my passwords where I could (unfortunately i lost some accounts since, they accessed to my yahoo account as well), installed malwarebytes as you recommended , and NOD. Now I am using a password manager , and total clean setup.
    Today I made my first real account, and bought some chaturbate tokens. Never ever again fake generators.

    Thanks for this website, thanks for your work.

    adios amigo,

  12. Thanks for the article man! We can also discuss the value of a Chaturbate tokens which always changes from model to model.

    You can purchase tons of credits if you have a fat wallet , or just a little pack, does not matter! Since Chaturbate usually has over 3500 hosts online , in every hour (Which is a LOOOOT!), and you can find cheap (newbie) beauties anytime.
    With a small search, you can always find a model who fits within your budget, you don’t have to tip the priciest ones.

    Since everything has a cost, and each camgirl gets to decide her value, therefore some of them think more highly of themselves than other girls, and charge more for the very same action.

    For instance, if you are looking at the tip lists and the given numbers, you could be paying anywhere from 25 to 2500 tokens just for peek the boobs, or just check the privates’ prices which could be 6 to 90 tokens/minute.

    If You are looking for the cheapest models, you can scroll down to the very bottom of the page in order to sort the models by price.

    The min. price for a private with a model is 6 tokens/min, which works out to 53.4 cts / minute if you bought the 500 tokens pack.

  13. Dear admin

    Thank you for the credit comparsion, and the other details about chaturbate token prices, very useful article.
    Do you have any idea why my card blocked? I would like to buy tokens regularly but it is not working. I am from india and using Revolut.

    Ps.: If you like formula one please visit my webpage.

    Best regards,

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  15. Hola master!

    Sorry my english, this is not my first language.
    First of all, I found chaturbate tokens too pricy. In my country it cost a lot of money sir. But I love girls on Chaturbate, with titis and cuck. Found a lot of them for free of charge. I spent too mich time on the site waiting for them to do something nice. Almost busted m wife, so I would need free chaturbate tokens. Checked many token websites , offering free services, free tokens , even hacked chaturbate accounts. That is too bad, gods would punish me if I would those, but it cost half proce only. I never tried, but the token generators. Lota of youtube videos showing how easy to get unlimited tokens. But took hours to download the apps and surveys to fill. At the end never happens anything. I spent lot of hours to try them. Chaturbate hack pro, tokens hack pro and so on. NOTHING HAS HAPPENED EVER! So much scam! I read your blog and found out the truth.
    God bless you, now I understand everything. Now i bought the minimum pack, it is godd for a eeek for me. Love titis.

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