How Chaturbate token generator sites work – Infographic

(Last Updated On: April 30, 2018)

Chaturbate token generator sites still don’t work

Today I want to show you, how the fake Chaturbate token generator sites works actually, and what is the motivation behind them. (in nutshell)

So I made a simple infograph for you guys. Please forgive me because the dumb picture, but I am not a talented designer, just a guy who really hate these scammers. However I think if you check it, you will get the main point. 🙂

The bad guys are always hunting for the unsuspicious and naive internet users, and they know the magic keywords to reach them.
Their tricks always based on some research,  psychology and the people gullibility of course. They know the searching trends, and that the people love free stuffs. (Even if they have a truckload of money, they are going nuts for free stuffs)
Therefore their “click bait” search terms always related to the “free tokens” and other similar shiny terms about Chaturbate.

They also want to convince you about that, they are professional hackers. Afterall they are trying to make points to leads people to believe something that is not really true. (the real pro hackers are dealing bigger business than this)

As maybe you saw in my main page, there are several scamming methods out there, so I tried to put them in one big picture.
(If you want to check these sites exactly, visit my Hall of Shame website collection HERE) ,


Infograph about Chaturbate hack scams
How chaturbate token generator sites works – infographic

Let me be honest, You wanted to cheat a little bit to get some free tokens on Chaturbate, but you almost have been scammed and caught like a little animal in a trap …  instant karma, right?

I just advise you that, be smart and always think, never try such tricks, be fair with the beautiful models since they deserve the real tips for they hard work.
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