4 thoughts on “De Niro’s about Chaturbate hack sites”

  1. I found this video on vimeo, and actually It was funny. The guy act like De Niro, and I really trusted him so I didn’t visit the chaturbate token hack sites. 😀
    Anyway I like this site, because now I know a lot of things about the hackers , or scammers, whatever.
    Please keep up the good work.


  2. So over ALL the videos and articles ive read, are you telling me it is impossible to hack live jasmine? What about other cam sites?

    1. HeyRusty,

      Nothing is impossible, but I’m sure they are very well protected too.I’ve seen similar “hacking” websites, but the scammers method was the same.
      In the other hand, why the hackers would let us know this for free (or build a website for that) ?
      If it would work, it would be a very valuable and expensive info that they could sell on the darkweb.

      Maybe other smaller cam sites with small infrastructures more exploitable, and vulnerable, but I would not recommend to try to hack them because good hackers could end up in jail too.

      Have a blessed day.

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