Free Chaturbate token – What is the new trend in 2018?

Free Chaturbate token ?

Well, we sniffed around in 2018 again as we did in the last year, and still found a tons of allegedly free Chaturbate token adder websites and downloadable things. It is really exciting to see how this business model is evolving through the years. In the past there were only a few groups, but now, lot of new actors appeared. (I trying to refresh our hall of shame page where you can find all the scammer domains) Wow!
We do know the main goal and motivation of these sites, but lets check some actual examples from 2018.

“Are you still looking for the magical Chaturbate hack tool?”

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Chaturbate Authenticator

What is Chaturbate Authenticator

This is a new feature in Chaturbate in order to prevent your account from the bad guys.

With that protection, anyone trying to break (with brute force method or other sneaky stuff that we discussed before here ) into your account would need all of your original credentials (means : username and password)  and your psychical device that your authentication codes are sent to in order to gain access.

Your Chaturbate authenticator device can be different for example an apple iOS device, android  or windows smartphone, but you can get normal sms text message, and an automatic phone call as well.

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Chaturbate hack free websites and Ransomwares – Watch out!

Chaturbate hack free websites and Ransomwares

Everybody heard about the “new” hacking threat, thanks to WannaCry ransomware. (If you still don’t know what is it  : It’s the name for a hacking attack known as “ransomware” that holds your computer hostage until you pay a ransom.) But how the “Chaturbate hack free” style websites come here? Ok, lets see.


Decrypt the victim files (such as pictures, videos, documents) is not a new technique, but the last year such incidences increased as hell. It seems to be a new trend. And why?

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Chaturbate hack 2017 Review

Chaturbate hack 2017 Review

New year, new scammers on the way. Few days ago I did my usual research about Chaturbate hack 2017, and surprisingly I’ve found some interesting new websites out there, again! The bad guys can’t chill on their butt, they still want to make some ice hard cash with this trick. (What is the basic tricks that these scammers are using? Read the basic Chaturbate hack tricks here)
At this time It’s not about Chaturbate only, but now I’ve found some stuff that will affect other websites and business as well.
I will explain you soon, please continue reading.

What is the new Chaturbate hacking trick

I’ve found that, the following website’s content almost the same, and the URLs have the same TLD ( top level domain)  It was fishy since the patterns are the same :

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Chaturbate token to dollar – How to

Chaturbate token to dollar and vica versa

First of all, what is Chaturbate token?

Token is the official currency on Chaturbate, you can tip the sexy broadcasters/models with it. It has real money value of course (thats why we want to calculate chaturbate token to dollar), and the models get revenue based on this.

chaturbate tokens dollars
chaturbate token to dollar

As an user if you tip more, you will get more fun fore exchange, all of this depend on the model’s willingness . Usually the fun stuffs are declared on the model’s menu that you can check on the chat tab directly.
You can get very very different shows  and stuffs out there from the model for your Chaturbate tokens.
For example model “kaci_kash”‘s menu today:

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How Chaturbate token generator sites work – Infographic

Chaturbate token generator sites still don’t work

Today I want to show you, how the fake Chaturbate token generator sites works actually, and what is the motivation behind them. (in nutshell)

So I made a simple infograph for you guys. Please forgive me because the dumb picture, but I am not a talented designer, just a guy who really hate these scammers. However I think if you check it, you will get the main point. 🙂

The bad guys are always hunting for the unsuspicious and naive internet users, and they know the magic keywords to reach them.
Their tricks always based on some research,  psychology and the people gullibility of course. They know the searching trends, and that the people love free stuffs. (Even if they have a truckload of money, they are going nuts for free stuffs)
Therefore their “click bait” search terms always related to the “free tokens” and other similar shiny terms about Chaturbate.

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The scam

Token hack is a SCAM?

If you put the right keywords, like “Chaturbate”, “token”, “hack”, “generator” in any order, to the Google’s search field you can find a shitload of suspicious (or clearly SCAM) webpages in this topic. ( Probably you find me this way too, so we can go further).
This sites have been built order to make money for it’s owners, as I told you before.  You can read about the basic stuffs here.

See the search results for certain keywords (2016 screenshot)

chaturbate token hack google search result SERP1
chaturbate token hack google search result SERP1

If you still wondering that any online token generator is working, I have a bad news for you. It DOESN’T !

>>>If you don’t want to risk your personal data with such tools click here and enjoy Chaturbate in safe and legal way<<<

SCAM sites

Lets check them one by one, start with chaturbatetokenhacks dot com, they have very good reputation on the google search rank.

This site seems very professional for first sight. But read the text, there are many bullshit in it.

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