Hall of Shame

We try to collect all of the scam/malicious sites, and add some short notes to them. BUT Do not forget, Never ever try such websites for the sake of your safety!!!

Site URLSite TitlePage TypeNotes
chaturbatetokens.xxxhacks.comFree Chaturbate Token Hackhuman verification, survey scam watch out the site ask for Java!
hackolo.com/method-chaturbate-how-to-generate-unlimited-tokens-for-free/[METHOD] Chaturbate : How to Generate Unlimited Tokens for FREE!Backlink article that leads to chatokens.comThe main domain is contains a lot of similar articles about different "hacking methods" on different sites, but all of them made for one purpose 🙂 which is force the users to do some surveys. There are some valid article about phones, and some reviews too. (This is for the SEO probably)
chatokens.comChaturbate Hack Tool 2015 No Download Requiredhuman verification, survey scam Usual survey scam
chaturbatetokensadder.blogspot.comChaturbate Token Adderdownload a fileOn this site you have to download a file that called chaturbate_token_adder.zip. This zip file contains the chaturbate_tokens_adder.exe
According to virustotal.com the file contains malware and trojan also at the moment.
chaturbatetokenhack.nlChaturbate Token Hack - Chaturbate Hackhuman verification, survey scam, sponsor siteSpecialized for Netherland traffic.
chaturbatetokenhackss.comChaturbate Token Hack Tool - Get Unlimited Chaturbate Tokens Online Here!human verification, survey scamAs usual. Full analysis here
unlimitedhacks.com/chaturbate-token-hackChaturbate hack - Instant Free Download!file downloadFile force your browser to download malicious software from imgfarm.com.
ak.imgfarm.com is known as a malicious browser hijacker, and keeps redirecting you to tricky website
It can replace your browser homepage with its own one, and monitors your internet activities and collects your personal data.It may spread additional viruses, spyware.
Your computer will be seriously messed up.
chaturbatetoken.hacks2016.comChaturbate Token Hack 2016 | Chaturbate Token GeneratorunknownThis site is specialized for mobile users only, and try to navigate you to cbtokens.xyz. Fortunately this domain is dead.
cbtokens.xyzApp downloaderSite is DOWN! [update] The site is working again!
You should visit this site only with mobile devices. After visit the page force you to download different apps in order to get the code. Do not download!!!
mobiletrick.net/chaturbategen.htmlChaturbate Token Hack - Free Chaturbate Tokens Generator!human verification, survey scamSell exit traffic.
chaturbatetokenhack.co.ukChaturbate Token Hack - Free Chaturbate Tokens Generator!human verification, survey scamThis site is force you to enable JAVA! Sell exit traffic.
chaturbate-hack.orgChaturbate Token Generator - Free Chaturbate Tokens Daily - Daily Free Tokensdownload file, survey comboThis site want you to download a file from here : ultrafiles.co/getchaturbatetokens
The file name is : Chaturbate Tokens Tool v.2.2.1.rar
In order to download the file you have to do some survey of course.
This site also force you to like their facebook page. Please never do that, instead please report them to facebook . facebook.com/Chaturbate.Free.Tokens/
chaturbatetokengen.comFree Chaturbate Token Hack - Chaturbate Token GenMalware (ad-popup), surveyMy antivirus has freaked out because of the given redirect to->www.mobilejmp.com/redirect/action/~ Malware!! Popup ads!
They want me to download one suspicious mobile antivirus program, order to get the code to the hack.
chaturbate.foxyfling.comChaturbate Token Generatorhuman verification, survey scamUsual survey scam
chaturbate-tokens.comGet thousands of Chaturbate Tokens for free | Free Generatorsurvey, sms/winner scamUsual survey scam
chaturbatetokenhack.netChaturbate Token Hack | Have unlimited tokens with few clicks!Offer,survey,sms,win scamUsual survey scam
chaturbatehack.orgFree Chaturbates Token Hack&Generatorsurvey, sms/winner scamUsual survey scam
chaturbatetokens.orgWebsite movedMoved to:
chaturbatetokens.coGET 100k free tokens in 2 min!downloadable fileDidn't check the file yet. So I don't know what is their trick so far.
chaturbate-token-hack-4u.comBacklink siteRedirects to
chaturbatetokenhack.gamecheatx.comhuman verification, survey scamSurvey Scam
chaturbatetoken.hacks2016.comBacklink siteAsks for activation code from ctbtokens.xyz
ctbtokens.xyzHost is down
chaturbatetokenhack.onlineUnlimited Tokens Generator [NEWYou can choose to use Fake generator or download stuffOnline generator redirects to onlineadder.top/chaturbate-token-adder/
Totally scam
chaturbatefreetokenhack.comChaturbate Token Hack - Get Free Unlimited Chaturbate Tokens Here!
chaturbate-cheat.eu.pnFree Chaturbate Token Hack - Chaturbate Token GenUsual survey scam
chaturbatehackhq.comChaturbate Token Hack | Free Tokens and Premium AccountUsual survey scam
edgehacks.com/chaturbate-token-hackUsual survey scam