How To Be a successful Chaturbate Model


Ultimate guide for newbie Chaturbate models

You can find several articles about how to be a Chaturbate model, and every page stating that it is super easy to register, and you can earn 10K/month within two weeks after you started the work.
Sure it can be true, but there are a lot of BUT here. Anybody can register within 10 minutes but to became a successful webcam model on Chaturbate and earn tons of money is a different story.
It takes time, a lot of efforts, and if you don’t have the necessary mindset to be a successful Chaturbate model forget it immediately, or else you will be disappointed very soon.
To be a webcam model is not for everyone! I am going to explain you everything.

Do not register:

  • If you afraid from that your online performance will be on the Internet for the eternity
  • If you afraid to explain once your parents, friends, kids what are you doing for living
  • If you do not want to see creepy things during a cam to cam session that you can not delete from your memories
  • You have to deal with trolls and freeloaders. They will tease you, make fun of your look, your body, anything they can get at, If you’re easily offended or sensitive, you have no place being a cam model!Camming has become more mainstream, a lot of girls and boys want to be a successful Chaturbate model, If you so, you are in the right place. I going to share you a lot of useful info.

    chaturbate model
    chaturbate model

First of all, you have to know that being a cam girl/boy is deceptively hard, and camming is a full-time job if you want it as your primary source of your income.
It is not just about to sit front of your camera and being pretty, smile, and masturbate two hours of a day. 
Maybe 10 years ago it was enough to earn a tons of money, but nowadays it is different.
These days it is more about promoting yourself, and make your own brand, get traffic (which mean paying customers) from different places and much more.
Therefore you need other skills to to reach your goal in this industry.
But do not afraid, you can learn everything that you need, quickly.


Do register:

  • If you like to earn a lot of money, that may change your lifestyle
  • If you able to manage your own time, and love to be your own boss
  • If you are ambitious, persistent ,warm and welcoming with a great personality
  • If you don not care what others think about your job
  • If you love to buy or get luxury things
  • If you like to learn and discover new things

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To be a successful Chaturbate model main tasks that you have count besides camming:

  • Build a massive fan base, which means returning customers for you
  • You have to answer a thousands of messages on different platforms daily
  • You have to manage your website and fanpage, upload diverting contents and answer to comments on social media.
  • Maintain your main camming site, make different contents such as videos, pictures etc frequently!
  • You have to deal with your body, set your hair, your nails and so on, to stay presentable, fashionable and on top of the trends.
  • You have to learn shitload of new things regarding different fetishes, expressions, acting things, IT stuffs, and many more.

If you neglect these, your earnings will be low as hell, and you are going to fail soon.
So Even when you’re not on online, you will work. It is never stop, your audience always hungry for new contents. Camming is a 24 hour a day job and you have think yourself as a smart business woman/man.

Now, if you still reading this article, and you are ready, I going to tell you how to set up the base, and how to become a Chaturbate model.

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First steps:

First of all, You have to find out your online persona (identity), and find a specific niche based on your specialities and preferences, the grand scheme where you fit in.
You don’t have to be a super looking Victoria’s secret girl or something like this. There are many different visitors, with different preferences, and desires, so you don not have to fear.
Your natural emanation is the most important, webcamming is all about personality. Before you register just check the best online model’s rooms, and their visitors behaviour too. Check how they are acting, what are they doing, etc. what is acceptable for you what is not. Write it down, and think about it. 

If you decided your direction successfully just rest a bit, sleep a night and see if you changed your mind the next day 🙂

Meanwhile You need some basic equipments at the beginning such as:

Your Room: Obviously you need a quiet room, where you can stream without any disturbing things.
Internet : choose a proper plan , the upload speed is the most important. You can start with 10mb. More is better.
Webcam: Laggy or noisy camera feed is bad experience for your customers. Never use laptop cam, or a cheap shitty webcam. You have to consider to buy a good HD webcam. If you are pro you can use any dslr camera with Elgato Cam Link (witch is a Adapter Solution for Live Streaming )
Lightning on your room: Lights is one of the most important equipment that you have to buy.
3 point lightning setup plus umbrella lights can illuminate you from all angles. This video can help to set up:

Toys and outfit: If you want , yo can buy some interesting toys like ohmibod or lovesense.

Later you will upgrade all these things, and consider to buy some extra stuffs too.

How to register to chaturbate as a model

  • REGISTER a free account ,you have to be at least 18. It is a must.
  • You have to choose the perfect name that you will use in the future. It has to be catchy, unique , not overused and good if it describes your personality . This is the hardest part, believe me 🙂 After you figured out, You better to check the same nickname every possible social network that you want to use to promote yourself if its taken or not. Also consider to check the name in other cam sites as well, to avoid the misunderstandings and the user’s confusions.
  • Password : make a hard one, that not easy to guess. No duplicated or reused passwords!
  • Email : do not use fake email here, the verification link and all further info going to be land here.
  • Birthday : give your real b-day that you have on your real ID, and do not worry you can change your display birthday on your profile later.
  • Gender : this refers to the type of account.
  • Terms and conditions: Read it carefully. If you break the rules you will be banned, so be aware.
  • Get age verification : Yo have to do it onsite, therefore Click to Broadcast yourself and click to “submit age verification”
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  • Fill the form, and upload the picture from your (valid) ID . Easy as 123. Use clear photo where is the lighting is good, and picture and your data is clear. Do not use mirror for the self picture, and if you need just take a few more pictures, and choose the best. If you did well everything, the verification process itself is actually pretty quick. chaturbate agreement
  • Set the banned countries. This means that the visitors from banned countries will not see you at all on the website. Do not filter too much countries because you will may lost lot of traffic.
  • “do not appear on network sites” leave NO. : Chaturbate has a lot of other sites (for example different whitelabels) on their network. If you switch it off, you wont be appear in these websites, but it may cause less traffic as well.
  • Fill your profile/Bio page. Make it unique as possible. Describe some interesting info about yourself. Who you are, what you like, etc.

 Chaturbate allows you to add HTML codes to your profile so you can make more unique looking bio page. You can skip it, but it is better if you add some unique eye catchy stuff here. There are a lot of tutorial on the net that can help you with.
  • Make your schedule: 
It is very important, to have your weekly schedule, try to be online the same day in the same time. Your fans will learn your online schedule , and visit you more frequently. All the members will appreciate the consisntency.
  • Bots: there are a lot of useful scripts developed by 3rd party coders that you can use. (and I recommend to use them, because its make your life easier) For example you can track your countdowns, tips, post messages in your chat. You can make contest, and can automatise a lot of other things. There is always some description about the bot , so read it, and use it 🙂
    If you can’t decide for first what is useful for you, just check other models what are they using. Be creative.

Money sources on Chaturbate
Chaturbate model money

The site share 50-60 percent of the token purchase value with Chaturbate model s. You have to keep in mind that, every 1 token equal 5 cents for the broadcaster. How to calculate Chaturbate tokens?
Chaturbate always transfer money twice a month for you. You can except landing money on your account the 15th and the last day of the month . 
It can be check, direct deposit (for US models only) Payoneer or Paxum.

You have several options to make money on the site, lets see these:

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Public Chat on Chaturbate

Chaturbate is centered around public tipping of Chaturbate models, which means that everybody in the chat room gets to watch members tip tokens to the models. Big spenders really love this aspect of Chaturbate because they get to showoff their huge tips for the whole room to see. But they only do it when the room is fully loaded with other members, since they love the big audience too.
Public chat is the main source of your income.

Yo can set different goals, to keep your audience engaged. It is really up to you. At the beginning I recommend , to check other models, how they set up their rules, and goals. (For example – flash tits = 50 tokens, show pussy 70 tokens etc )
Also, if you have invested for a toy before -like ohmibod or lovense that react to sound -, you can implement  it too your room.

For example:
Notice: ■ Level 1 – Tip (1-14) 3 seconds (Low vibrations)
Notice: ■ Level 2 – Tip (15-99) 6 seconds (Medium vibrations)
Notice: ■ Level 3 – Tip (100-499) 10 seconds (Medium vibrations)
Notice: ■ Level 4 – Tip (500-999) 1 Minute (High vibrations)
Notice: ■ Level 5 – Tip (1000 – 1000+) 3 Minutes (High vibrations)

You can organise games for a price, let say the best tipper will be the winner who may get one of your panties or something. You can be creative here.

What is the different coloured members on Chaturbate?
Chaturbate marks viewers with different colors based on their spending habits, and token status.

  • Grey = No tokens at all.
  • Blue = Member has tokens.
  • Dark Blue = member tipped over 50 tokens the past 24 hour
  • Light Blue = member tipped less than 50 tokens the past 24 hour
  • Light purple = members tipped at least 250 tokens in the last two weeks
  • Dark purple member has tipped 1000 tokens.
  • Green = Member has joined to your fan club He will be paying a monthly membership fee of the fan club. These members have access all of your contents that you uploaded to the site.

Private chat on Chaturbate

Chaturbate has a private function, where you can collect much more tokens from individual members. Basically it means you and your customer watch each other’s live webcam at the same time. You can set different price per min rates.

Other money sources on Chaturbate

You can sell other stuffs as well, Chaturbate their rules allow it. It can be photos and recorded videos. So your customers can purchase item’s when you are offline. So you can earn money while you sleep, isn’t that fantastic?
Some of the models sell used panties, lingeries, toys, or their snapchat subscriptions for more interesting daily content.
Usually models charge between 200-500 tokens per item, depends on it.
How to sell items on Chaturbate? Just upload some pictures about the items (better if you wear it) that you want to sell and put the pictures for sale there, and give a special name the picture like “For sale”, “ Used toys for sale” etc.
Designer or branded panties always worth more.
If one of your fan buys the picture (he can buy only that there, not the item itself), you should send a PM to him and ask to tip a token for you with their email address attached as a tip note.
After this, you can communicate the shipping and other details with the buyer. (Be safe and never reveal your real address here for anybody)

Now you can go online which will be really weird at first, but do not be afraid, it happens and every beginner chaturbate model feel the same way at the beginning.
You will have a 7 day badge on your screen which shows the visitors that you are new Chaturbate model here. Personally I don’t like this because a lot of scammers can find these newbies and as we know easy to target the fresh meat. So be prepared, I am sure that you will find a lot of interesting requests and situations. Only advice here, keep learning and researching.

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Your Brand

As I said to be a Chaturbate model is not just sitting on the couch front of the cam.
If you set up everything properly, and you already tested the system a bit, you have a few more things to do.

chaturbate lifestyle

First of all enjoy you new (free) lifestyle, and your new job. You will get more traffic and more visitors day by day, try to attract and entertain them. Learn a lot from your shows and your failures,  and You will be better and better, never give up even the trafficless days.If you enjoy all these things, you have to build you own brand to get bigger!

Some of these steps cost money and some of them are free, but you have to take the next steps in order to go higher, and earn above the average.
Lets see the most important things:

  • Set up your social channels where you can reach your audience and that leads traffic to your room. Twitter , Tumblr (these sites allow adult content), Facebook (only soft content).
  • Good idea to make a blog (you can use free services, but also can buy a domain with your username and set a blog on it)
  • Set dedicated Skype,and snapchat accounts to reach your well known customers.
  • Content-content-content!!!!! Make content frequently. You can do it once a week or twice a month doesn’t matter, but keep posting new content, be consistent! Always Post different things to the different platforms, not the same. If you have twitter and snapchat its better to make something every day!
  • Read some self marketing books, and use the learned things.
  • Be active with your returning customers. Always drop them some crumbs…If you mean what I mean.

If you take care all of these things, your earnings will boost up like hell.

Have a good luck, be successful Chaturbate model,
I wish you the best!

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