Chaturbate hack free websites and Ransomwares – Watch out!

Chaturbate hack free websites and Ransomwares

Everybody heard about the “new” hacking threat, thanks to WannaCry ransomware. (If you still don’t know what is it  : It’s the name for a hacking attack known as “ransomware” that holds your computer hostage until you pay a ransom.) But how the “Chaturbate hack free” style websites come here? Ok, lets see.


Decrypt the victim files (such as pictures, videos, documents) is not a new technique, but the last year such incidences increased as hell. It seems to be a new trend. And why?

For ransomware to work hackers need to download malicious software onto a victims computer, so the main problem is always the user . Sorry for this , but this is true.
In the other hand, if you don’t update your system/OS frequently, you can blame only yourself.(in this case Microsoft patched this vulnerability in march)
If you check your mails and click all kinds of attachment without any inspection, and got something shitty,  you can blame yourself again.
So here we are.
For example if you search on Google for :  chaturbate token hack password, you may get countless of shiny results offering free Chaturbate token generator services. (See our hall of shame for precedents)

>>>If you don’t want to risk your personal data with such tools click here and enjoy Chaturbate in safe and legal way<<<

If you have luck, you will be only scammed by some petty guys with surveys and stuffs. But nowadays the chance for that your files be decrypted by some ransomware with only one download&click is really-really high. It is much more money for the crooks, believe me.
If you don’t want to lose your files and don’t’ want to pay to these people 3-500$ in bitcoin either, please check always the following:

  • always back up your important files. ALWAYS
  • Update your system and your programs frequently
  • Be suspicious of emails, websites and apps (never open suspicious attachments from unknown senders)
  • Choose a good antivirus
  • Avoid to visit and download suspicious files from “Chaturbate hack free” websites
>>>If you don’t want to risk your files with such tools click here and enjoy Chaturbate in safe and legal way<<<

Chaturbate token to dollar – How to

Chaturbate token to dollar and vica versa

First of all, what is Chaturbate token?

Token is the official currency on Chaturbate, you can tip the sexy broadcasters/models with it. It has real money value of course (thats why we want to calculate chaturbate token to dollar), and the models get revenue based on this.

chaturbate tokens dollars
chaturbate token to dollar

As an user if you tip more, you will get more fun fore exchange, all of this depend on the model’s willingness . Usually the fun stuffs are declared on the model’s menu that you can check on the chat tab directly.
You can get very very different shows  and stuffs out there from the model for your Chaturbate tokens.
For example model “kaci_kash”‘s menu today:

50 token for = GG and BGG video put email in tip note
75 token for =snap chat for life
500 token for =my cell # or whatsapp
2000 token for =premium phone number
100 token for =c2c
200 token for =PM

How can I get Chaturbate tokens?

You can buy different token packs on Chaturbate directly, or you can be a model on the site and you can earn tokens as well.
Please remember there is no other way to get free Chaturbate tokens, read our article here about the scammers.

If you decided to purchase some tokens, you can choose the following packets:

10.99 USD for 100 tokens  – It means 100 token = 10.99 US dollar
20.99 USD for 200 tokens – It means 100 token = 10.495 US dollar
44.99 USD for 500 tokens – It means 100 token = 8.998 US dollar
62.99 USD for 700 tokens – It means 100 token = 8.3986 US dollar
79,99 USD for 1000 tokens – It means 100 token = 7,999 US dollar

So bigger packet cheaper token price, yaaaaaay!


visit chaturbate button

What if I am a model on the site?

If you want to be a model feel free to register here (it’s easy AF),or read our FULL guide how to be a Chaturbate model but in this case the Chaturbate token to dollar rate is bit different.

If you get 1 token from a visitor it means 5 cent for you. (0,05 dollar)
For example :

10 tokens = 0,5 dollar for you
20 tokens = 1 dollar for you
50 tokens = 2,5 dollar for you
100 tokens = 5 dollar for you
500 tokens = 25 dollar for you

And so on.


Calculate Chaturbate token to dollar is very easy, if you are a member of the site, 100 tokens worth 10.99 to 7.99 USD depend on your purchased packet. And if you are a model , 100 token means 5$ for you.