Chaturbate hack free websites and Ransomwares – Watch out!

Chaturbate hack free websites and Ransomwares

Everybody heard about the “new” hacking threat, thanks to WannaCry ransomware. (If you still don’t know what is it  : It’s the name for a hacking attack known as “ransomware” that holds your computer hostage until you pay a ransom.) But how the “Chaturbate hack free” style websites come here? Ok, lets see.


Decrypt the victim files (such as pictures, videos, documents) is not a new technique, but the last year such incidences increased as hell. It seems to be a new trend. And why?

For ransomware to work hackers need to download malicious software onto a victims computer, so the main problem is always the user . Sorry for this , but this is true.
In the other hand, if you don’t update your system/OS frequently, you can blame only yourself.(in this case Microsoft patched this vulnerability in march)
If you check your mails and click all kinds of attachment without any inspection, and got something shitty,  you can blame yourself again.
So here we are.
For example if you search on Google for :  chaturbate token hack password, you may get countless of shiny results offering free Chaturbate token generator services. (See our hall of shame for precedents)

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If you have luck, you will be only scammed by some petty guys with surveys and stuffs. But nowadays the chance for that your files be decrypted by some ransomware with only one download&click is really-really high. It is much more money for the crooks, believe me.
If you don’t want to lose your files and don’t’ want to pay to these people 3-500$ in bitcoin either, please check always the following:

  • always back up your important files. ALWAYS
  • Update your system and your programs frequently
  • Be suspicious of emails, websites and apps (never open suspicious attachments from unknown senders)
  • Choose a good antivirus
  • Avoid to visit and download suspicious files from “Chaturbate hack free” websites
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Chaturbate hack 2017 Review

Chaturbate hack 2017 Review

New year, new scammers on the way. Few days ago I did my usual research about Chaturbate hack 2017, and surprisingly I’ve found some interesting new websites out there, again! The bad guys can’t chill on their butt, they still want to make some ice hard cash with this trick.
At this time It’s not about Chaturbate only, but now I’ve found some stuff that will affect other websites and business as well.
I will explain you soon, please continue reading.

What is the new Chaturbate hacking trick

I’ve found that, the following website’s content almost the same, and the URLs have the same TLD ( top level domain)  It was fishy since the patterns are the same : - scam site – scam site – Chaturbate hack 2017 - scam site – scam site – Chaturbate hack 2017 review

I’found that, It is the usual old “fill the survey and you got nothing in exchange” trick, as you might be know it.
If you not, you can read about the survey tricks and methods in our other post.
(In nutshell you have to fill some surveys in order to get free chaturbate tokens, but you won’t get anything ever. But you might get some malware and other dangerous stuffs)

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So , Why these sites really interesting ?

Good question, I will explain it, bear with me.
I’ve dig more deeper, and found that, these sites are belong to this email address : Since all of them registered with this.
I’ve never seen other fake chaturbate hacking site with readable domain registration, therefore I’ve made some reverse search. Finally found a shipload of different domains, with the very same patterns. You can check the full list at the end of the article. details of these domains:

Chaturbate token generator - scammer domain registrant
Chaturbate token generator – scammer domain registrant

As you see dear reader, the domain registrant is Jack Ace from New York.
Chill down, do not buy tickets to the city yet since I am sure, it’s a fake name and address.

The street view , according to google maps:


If you have not believed me, now you will 🙂
Just check the other domains. Yo will find FIFA17 hacks, Clash Royal hacks, Instagram hack, and such things, you name it.
Almost all these websites are working in the same way.

  • Give your username
  • Select the amount
  • Fill the shitty survey

Get nothing

Maybe you are curious how many different fake Chaturbate hacking method they have, check it under the link.

As a result, over 100 registered domain under the same name are having the very same code , and technique in order to visit these websites and scam the shit out from the visitors.
You now understand how big business it is.


Scamming people is a big business in 2017 as well, but Chaturbate hack 2017 is not a real thing. We have dozen of evidences here.

If you find other scammers please don’t hesitate to share with us.

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Here is the full domain list:





The scam

Token hack is a SCAM?

If you put the right keywords, like “Chaturbate”, “token”, “hack”, “generator” in any order, to the Google’s search field you can find a shitload of suspicious (or clearly SCAM) webpages in this topic. ( Probably you find me this way too, so we can go further).
This sites have been built order to make money for it’s owners, as I told you before.  You can read about the basic stuffs here.

chaturbate token hack google search result SERP1
chaturbate token hack google search result SERP1

If you still wondering that any online token generator is working, I have a bad news for you. It DOESN’T !

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SCAM sites

Lets check them one by one, start with chaturbatetokenhacks dot com, they have very good reputation on the google search rank.

This site seems very professional for first sight. But read the text, there are many bullshit in it.

Statement No1. :

scam text
scam text
  • Free…really? My question : Why these guys running a dedicated costly website for spreading this info, and this free”tool” for everyone? For charity? It’s make me laugh.

Statement No2.:

  • Mind-blowing lie and bullshit. If there is any “backdoor, on Caturbate’s server what do you think what would happen? Would Chaturbate developers fix it asap or not, if they saw there are tokens exists on their system without any purchases behind them. Believe me they have good stats, and they are monitoring all the purchases and all the token spending/using in their system.

Not to mention that, hacking and get writing permissions on their databases would be a really great success, but with such “tool” like this site offering would be a guarantee to get caught. 

Think about it , according this site at the moment there are 1736 users using it. Which means 1736 people manipulating in the same time Chaturbate’s database 😀 LOL

(It’s always 1736 people on the site, so interesting :D)

1736 users on the site
1736 users on the site

But let’s dig deeper, if it’s not enough…

  • I’ve entered a totally fake username to the online hacking tool. I used only that special characters as username that basically refuses  to use in their username on the register form. (&@!’ etc. see on the picture with yellow.)

    See in Chaturbate, you can only use characters a-z and numbers 0-9:


So despite to this fact, the scammers can accept special usernames to “hack” also, and the tool works with it :DDDDD


And here we are. After the ridiculous black screen with the very serious info ( like “.plot_twist” XDDDD ), they suddenly don’t know if we are human being or a robot, so they don’t use a simply script to check it, or they don’t use the google verification…. NO. It has to be a SURVEY to fill it :DDDDDD. (BUT remember they are PROS, and the tool is totally free as we read it :D)
Bullshit overdose WARNING!

>Preparing Generator!   WOW
>Importing Packets! Dafuq?
>@Chaturbate_SERVER -Imported. That was quick :D
>@Chaturbate_SERVER_2015 -Imported. It's 2016 isn't it? :D
>@Chaturbate_SERVER_v1.096 -Imported. Good
>.Chaturbate_SERVER.authenticate &@˘!!!!!  Ok let's do this shit
>Response: &@˘!!!!!  Authenticated.   Non existing fake username :D
>@NEXT, WAIT SERVER  For what?
>USER IS CONNECTED! COOOL Im' fapping now.
>SERVER RESPONSE IS OK.  Usual server response
>ACCESS POINT: #FFx0554 Please remember this string : #FFx0554, we use it later!
LOADING! Finally
>ACCESS POINT: #FFx0554  Seems legit
>#Chaturbate_SERVER_v1.066.use(AVOID) as C_  I will!
>LAUNCH_PROCESS: C_   Not he B , please!
>C_ LISTENING ON PORT 44 As usual.
>C_ IS BACK WITH 80 TOKENS I wanted 1000 tokens bitch!
>C_ WAIT 50ms How about no?
>C_ IS calculating x0x FOR hmmm
>C_ IS calculating x0x FOR hmmm
>C_.plot_twist(x0x,x0x,x0x)  THE plot twist!!!!!! :D
>@SAVE FOR C_! It's always C
>#MEMORY IS FREE Everybody is free...and feel good. Lalalala
>SERVER IS FULL! OMG..shit...shit....shit
>ACCESS POINT: #ffX104 !!!!
>WAITING FOR USER I have no words
NOTE FROM THE DEVELOPER: Thanks for using our generator, if you are not a robot we will proceed!
Chaturbate Token Generator
Connected to: &@˘!!!!! Generating: undefined
User verification: Failed. Please complete 1 Survey to add the generated resources to your account

survey scam chaturbate
survey scam chaturbate
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So this is the main goal of this website, push the traffic to different survey sites to make money. In my case the “survey” (more like sms scammers) runs by this agency called “AdGate Media” See them here : . Feel free to check it.

Meanwhile I have redirected to a WIN AN IPHONE page which about to make money with high price sms.


This “game” runs on “”. If you read all the text you will find , what happens if you register your phone number here.
The service costs for you 9EUR, and you will get 3 messages/week also for 3EUR. WOW. I guess don’t need to mention that, you won’t get any Chaturbate tokens despite to the good reviews you can find on their site. It’s fake also.  (But the crooks get their revenues ofc, after your subscription)

If you want to go deeper check this company, put the google “” scam or Sprized hidden charges. You will find articles about them like this.

So I don’t know if these scammers, and this companies know each other’s work or not, but money talks!

So that’s all folks for today. It was an easy to catch scam site.
Stay tuned, we will check other interesting scams too.

>>>If you don’t want to risk your personal data with such tools click here and enjoy Chaturbate in safe and legal way<<<